Marketing Failures

A little while ago, I offered a short story ebook for free to anyone signing up for my mailing list. No one signed up. Not one person. I didn’t understand. I had people who view the post and even the mailing list page. Heck, the post that I announced I was giving away a free short story had numerous likes, yet no one signed up to the mailing list. Not a single person. Every time I would check to see if anyone signed up, there would be a this feeling in my stomach over overwhelming dread. And for good reason.


Failing is horrifying. It reminded me of when I used to make animated shorts. I would spend months animating a little 4-7 minute animation, and I was lucky if I could get 50 views after a couple of months. What’s worst of all is seeing horrendous books and youtube videos that are way worse than mine, yet get more views or sell better. But every time, I lift myself up. And her I am again. Last week I released my first novel. Will it sell? I don’t know. It hasn’t been selling as well as I’d hoped up until now. I do have other marketing plans though, which I have not yet put into effect. Additionally, I’m still working on the second book, and they say the more books in your backlog, the better the series as a whole does. Here’s hoping there’s some truth to that. Unlike the mailing list idea, I’m not ready to write my book off as a failure. Not yet. But regardless, my failures will not define me, and I genuinely believe that with enough work and effort, I can make A Spark Ignites a success. I’m putting myself out there. Because I’m a creator, and that’s what creative people do. Failures be damned.


Description:  Matt was just a regular teenager, dealing with homework, hormones, high school drama, and an obnoxious older brother. He found his life complicated, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. Then, when Spark, the city’s greatest superhero unexpectedly dies, Matt finds himself in possession of the hero’s costume and gadgets, with a note asking him to carry on the legacy. Finding himself unable to refuse, he reluctantly begins his superhero career, hoping he can live up to the name of his predecessor. Not knowing the first thing about being a superhero, Matt soon finds himself overwhelmed. Will he find himself in an early grave, just like his hero?

Meanwhile, an aging supervillain, the Inventor, creates a powerful device capable of killing thousands. An elaborate plan is put in motion that could lead to the destruction of everything Matt holds dear. Will he be able to figure out the how to stop him in time? And when evidence arises which indicates that Spark’s death may not be the accident everyone believes it is, Matt finds himself consumed with trying to uncover the truth. Will he be able to get to the bottom of this mystery? And if so, will he be able to handle the dark reality behind it?

A Spark IgnitesKindlePaperback



  1. Time to do a Facebook ad campaign in appropriate audiences!
    But I think if you do, lose the video trailer…it’ll confuse people who aren’t sure if you are pushing a book, show, comic book, or something else.
    Also, tag this post with “Free”. Categories are for yourself and blog viewers. Tags are for people randomly searching WordPress.

    And numbers can be a strange thing, that lie at times…for example their was one point this morning where I had more “WP Likes” then “WP views” on a new blog post.

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  2. It’s so interesting this marketing stuff, and trust me, we’re all figuring it out. Here’s my take on mailing lists. I get very few sign ups from my blog. Why? Because everyone who is following me gets plenty of updates already. They don’t need a newsletter too. Sort of the same situation with FB. Do you have an email sign up in your ebook? That’s one place where you might interest readers who don’t follow you somewhere else. Book signings are great places to sign up “readers.” I’m FAR from an expert, but I think that’s why my list grows slowly. I just don’t sweat it. Sales and reviews take a long, long time. Keep writing, Michael. The more books you have out there, the more avenues for readers to find you. If you thought writing a book is hard work, selling it is harder, but you need to keep going 🙂 Have a great weekend. Chin up.

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