A Spark Ignites by Michael Lachman – Guest Post

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Almost two years into this blog, we bring you the first guest post, from writer Michael Lachman. You can find his blog over at michaellachmanwrites.com.

I’ve known Avi Greenberger for over half a decade. I’ve known Spark over three times that. Spark is the main character in A Spark Ignites, my superhero novel, which is out today for purchase on Amazon in both ebook and paperback. Why did it take well over fifteen years (nearly 20) to turn an idea in my head into a book? Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Over the years I’ve made half-finished comics, horrible and decent animated cartoons, and barely playable video games based on Spark. With the exception of some truly embarrassing animated cartoons, I never finished any of them. I was never happy with my work, and would always scrap it and start from the beginning. As time…

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