Month: July 2021

Blackcoats Update

So the first Blackcoats book was released four months ago, and the third book was released within a month of the first. They’ve been selling alright by my standards, but not particularly well–at the rate I’m going, it will be years before I make my money back. That’s fine though, I still plan on publishing more books, and the reviews I’ve gotten have been great, so that’s been a good motivation.

I was really hoping to have the fourth book finished by now, but my work laid off a huge chunk of its employees, so I’ve been busier than I thought I’d be. Still, I’m over halfway through the first draft of the fourth book, and it’s coming along really well. Also, as a Holly-centered story, which it fun, but difficult to write sometimes–she’s so different from me in terms of personality, and I have to constantly make sure that it’s her voice that’s coming through. While the third book was a take on those alternate dimension/time travel stories, this one is a riff off of those old ‘hollow earth’ books, like Journey to the Center of the Earth and ERB’s Pellucidar series. I think you’ll all really enjoy it.

I still think I can have it out by the end of the year, but it’s just as likely it won’t come out until the first quarter of 2022. I’ll keep you guys updated if anything changes.