Movie Review: Deadpool

deadpool_ver10My wife and I finally got around to seeing Deadpool, and it was incredible! The action, the humor, the relationships, everything hit perfectly. Granted, the plot was fairly standard for a superhero movie (villain creates hero, then kidnaps hero’s girlfriend), but the plot wasn’t the point. The humor and heart was. It doesn’t matter if a story has been told hundreds of times if you can simply tell that story in a unique way, unlike anyone else. And Deadpool does just that.

This is not a clean movie,by any means, and should not be seen by children. There’s violence, language, and nudity, all of it to the nth degree. That said, it did disturb me somewhat to see parents taking their nine-year-olds to see it, but that wasn’t as disturbing as the woman behind me who continuously asked throughout the movie if Deadpool was Spider-man. (It reminded me of my first date with my wife, where I had to explain to her that no, Batman was not raised by bats. As a comic book nut, so understand that gave me anxiety.)

Ryan Reynolds was perfect in the role, and finally redeemed himself after being in four comic book movie duds (Blade 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, R.I.P.D., and Green Lantern). This was the role he was born to play. And whoever it was that played Colossus was incredible. It was like both characters were ripped from the pages of the comics. This is the first live action superhero movie I’ve seen that didn’t just feel like a superhero movie, it felt like a superhero comic come to life. I cannot recommend it more.