Month: February 2021

Blackcoats: Dead Man Walking

The cover for my next book, Blackcoats: Dead Man Walking, is finished! This is the first book in a planned five book series, and will be released on March 9, 2021. (The next book will probably be a few weeks after that, and the third book will be in late April or early May.) I’ll update this post with the preorder link when it is available.

The goal was to make an Animorphs-style book, but I ended up with what one beta reader called Alex Rider meets Maximum Ride (I hope he meant the early books). I’ll post the blurb the cover. I’m really excited about this release. It’s been too long since I released anything (under my own name, anyway), and I can’t wait to share Blackcoats with the world.

When Adam arrives home to find his house swarming with government agents, he quickly discovers that his father was a secret government scientist specializing in fringe science and the paranormal. An agent reveals that Adam’s father was caught performing illegal experiments, including genetically modifying Adam’s DNA.

Now, with his father missing and the genetic tampering beginning to take effect, Adam’s only chance to find a cure is to help the agency track down his father. The mystery deepens as agents go missing, and all the evidence points to a man long dead. With the clock ticking and hints of a mole within the agency, Adam must uncover the traitor, find his father, and secure a cure—before it’s too late.