Month: November 2021

Quick Update: Blackcoats 4 & 5 + Trailer

Just a quick update on Blackcoats. You can check out the series trailer on the books page of the website. Had some fun throwing it together. As for book 4 of Blackcoats, I’m currently making some final edits, it should be ready soon. Meanwhile, the outline for the 5th book has been finalized last week, and I’ve officially started writing the first draft. The fifth book will have to tie up all the loose ends, as it’s basically the finale to the Wrain story arc. (I’m looking at the sixth book as the begining of “season two,” and it’ll feature a completely new storyline and a major change in the status quo going forward.)

One last thing, the first book, Blackcoats: Dead Man Walking, is a quarterfinalist in the SPSFC. I’m honestly very surprised, and I’m under no illusions it’ll win or even be a finalist, but it’d be nice to make it as a semifinalist. (A number of the judges have admitted bias against YA books, so the fact that it made it this far is a major accomplishment.)


SPSFC: Quarterfinalists

Blackcoats: Dead Man Walking is a quarterfinalist in the Self-Published Science Fiction Contest. I’m honestly surprised it made it this far. Next up, semifinals! Who knows, maybe Blackcoats will make it! On a related note, if you’re looking for some solid indie scifi books, check out the books below. They’re all pretty solid and deserve a look.

After much consternation, deliberation, and probably another unnamed “ation” or two, Team Space Lasagna is proud to announce the quarterfinalists for The SPSFC. Each team member read at lest 10-20% of 31 books this fall. We chose the 10 best books to move on to the quarterfinals as follows (in no particular order): A Star […]

SPSFC: Quarterfinalists