A Spark Ignites – Book #Review

Check out this review of A Spark Ignites from fellow blogger Avi Greenberger!


A Spark Ignites by Michael Lachman (of the fellow blog www.michaellachmanwrites.com, and previously of this guest post) is a superhero adventure and a the first step in a journey on Lachman’s writing career.

Matt Stone is your standard teenager, facing high school troubles and a typical family life, including an annoying brother.
But when Matt gets into a car accident and subsequently discovers the suit of “Spark”, New York’s superhero, will he take on the role and try to save the city? Or will the suit overwhelm him, leaving him to need the saving?

This book is a solid read and a 7.5 out of 10, and can be purchased HERE.

A Spark Ignites Cover

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